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Oak Flooring Perth sells very good quality European and French Oak flooring at very reasonable prices in Perth. Our main product is a 20mm thick board with a 6mm top layer which enables you to get multiple resands. Also, you get peace of mind in that Oak Flooring Perth products are backed with a lifetime warranty on both the product and the installation.

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With over 25 years of experience, Simply Bamboo has been specialists in supplying bamboo flooring and installations in Perth for over 10 years. So, with much consideration they decided to extend their repertoire to Engineered European Oak Flooring. Oak has gained popularity over the years due to its strength and structure, Simply Bamboo now offer 20/6mm and 15/4mm layered engineered oak flooring boards.

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Oak Flooring Perth is king on going green and supports environmentally friendly products, which helps protect and sustain the earth's natural resources for future use.
“Do I choose a laminate floor or an engineered oak floor?”. This is a question that has been wracking the brains of home owners and business owners alike for many years. In recognition of that, allow…
Assuming you’ve read our other articles about Engineered Oak Flooring, by this time it is safe to say that you have decided to spend your money on a flooring choice that has multiple benefits that…
At first glance the term “Engineered Oak Flooring” creates a picture in the mind of a cheap laminate floor that only tries to resemble oak, but at Oak Flooring Perth we aim to show that our Engineered…